Basic information about the company

Tepka, a private firm making transformers was founded by Blanka Krivankova in August 1st 1990.
In trade index part A number 494 the object of the enterprise is production, instalation and repair of electronic machines and devices, and the purchase of goods for the purpose of its sales and selling.
The firm follows the tradition of the Karel Krivanek Tepka company from 1940's, involved in the production of thermo-electric appliances and devices.

Památka z historie

The owner, Blanka Krivankova, leads the firm together with her son Peter Krivanek. Now firm makes induction elements for electronics and single-phase transformers up to 5000 VA.

In 1994 the company moved to its own newly constructed production building on Krcska 25 in Prague 4.

Views of the firm's interior

Proposal of coils on computer and programming automats

Completing products and checking parameters